Board Shapes and Sizes, They all seem so different

Aug 17 2016

When looking at boards they all seem so different in shape and size?
Being a Paddle Board Specialist, we can tailor each shape to a specific need and person, but before we go into it too deep, lets just keep it simple and easy to understand.

A simple approach is to divide paddle boards into 5 main categories

(from left to right)

SUPSHED Board Shapes and Sizes


  • All-round (Yellow Naish Board)
  • Surf (Blue Starboard Board)
  • Longboard Style (Light Blue Laird Board)
  • Touring (Blue/White RED Inflatable Board)
  • Race (Grey SIC Board)

Being new to the sport and being your 1st board, from the categories above, we would recommend to start with an All-round'er as these would suit 99.9% of most people and most applications when starting out.

An All-round'er, is a term used to describe the plan shape of the board (i.e when viewed when the board is laid flat on the ground).

An All-round'er has generally a roundish nose and a wide roundish tail, with a fairly thick rail (5") or thicker being of 10'0 in length (or longer) and 32" wide (or wider).

An All-round'er are great and easy to learn on and generally do everything reasonably well. On the right sized board, you should feel comfortable, stable and able to progress quickly.

Each of the other styles listed are more specific to a different areas/disciplines of paddle boarding and are normally the result of a 2nd board purchase.

We will come onto to these a little later on once your ready for your next board.

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