How to dry your wetsuit

the quickest way.....

Wetsuit Drying Tips:

How to: Dry your wetsuit the fastest way
No one likes putting on a cold, wet, wetsuit. It's an uncomfortable experience, but necessary if you want to surf more than once in a day.
To get your wetsuit drying faster we have a few simple tips to follow:

  1. Rinse and hang wetsuit - inside out
    Rinsing your wetsuit is good practice and will give your wetsuit a longer life. After rinsing, hang it up on a wide plastic hanger, inside out (a ventilator hanger is ideal).
    Hang it in a breezy well ventilated area out of the sun. Extended exposure to UV rays will damage the neoprene in your wetsuit.

  2. Leave for 20 minutes
    Leave it for about 20 minutes. The water in the wetsuit will start to pool in the lower arms and legs.

  3. Squeeze
    Now squeeze the pooled water out of each arm and leg. Start at the shoulder and squeeze your way down to the wrist.
    On the leg, start at the thigh and squeeze your way down to the ankles.
    Repeat this step after waiting another 20 minutes.

  4. Leave to dry
    Leave your wetsuit hanging in the breeze for another hour or two. After this time it should be dry enough to put on comfortably.
    Drying time is dependent on the type of neoprene and lining your wetsuit is made of. Good luck

Extra tips
During Winter or in cold conditions, drying your wetsuit will take longer especially outside or in a garage (it might not be totally dry by morning). Bathrooms are generally well ventilated rooms - perfect for drying a wetsuit. Hang your wetsuit in the shower or over the bathtub and squeeze the water out of the arms and legs a few times in the first two hours.


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