Testing NEW 2017 Starboard Race Boards

Oct 17 2016 Tags: Beach, Orewa, SUP Racing, Testing

Well on Saturday 15th October, we headed out to Orewa beach with the Starboard team for some fun testing and racing.

When unloading the new boards, my 1st thoughts were they looked the greatest i've ever seen. Sharp, fresh, clean lines, and amazing graphics to complement the new shapes. Starboard look like they have nailed it again for 2017 season.
Wow we could not wait to get them in the water!

Conditions were not great with a strong off shore, however we put out some buoys and got straight into it.

We had about 20 keen people itching for a go, so we lined up and the fun racing began.

For me, I missed out on a warm up paddle, so my first go, was at race pace, on the New Starboard Allstar 14 x 24.5 (the narrowest one I have ever ridden).

Everyone launched into the water, luckily I landed on the board with no stability issues, and immediately felt very stable and as I paddled I was quickly starting to pass other people. Wow this board felt quick!

Up for the first marker turn and round she went with no issues at all. I did think I would probably fall in off the back, but that wide tail made the turn very easy, and I continued on paddling, passing a few more and finally back at the beach in no time at all.

Wow, what an amazing feeling I had, I cannot believe what just happened and im now amped and ready for the next heat.

A few more races went by then finally I got my hands on the 14 x 23 Allstar. Thinking this will be my most challenging moment yet and I will probably get wet, I hit the water and started paddling. Again feeling very stable but this board was soooo fast. This board is a true weapon and in the right conditions, im sure will be the one to keep up with on the race scene for the next race season.

So in short, I think Starboard have definitely delivered and raised the bar again for the 2017 season.

We will have a full range of the new boards on demo, so you can try before you buy, ensuring you get what you want 1st time round.

Boards expected to be available early November, just in time for the beach series
(www.beachseries.co.nz) or put your name on one, by pre-ordering online with us today.
Guaranteed you will not be disappointed this year!



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