Testing the Vaikobi VCOLD Paddle Vest

Jun 20 2017 Tags: Aparrel, Reviews, SUP Racing, Testing

Well, the sun was up and what a glorious day for paddle, bearing in mind we are now in our winter months (at time of testing and writing), I thought this would be a great opportunity to test my new Vaikobi VCOLD Paddle Vest.

After wearing the long pants and being so pleased, this was the next item called into play as we head into winter.

Being 86kgs, 6'2 tall, I chose a large size which was a snug fit and very comfortable to wear.

Outside air temp was about 11 degrees, and water temp 14 degrees (just for ref).

Well got my paddling under way and headed down the beach. My initial warm up and first few km's, I felt very comfortable and snug.
My body was very warm and I found I did not over heat in any way. The cut of the vest meant my arms were nice a free to paddle, with no restrictions, while the back was low enough not to ride up.
The material and technology used done exactly as expected, I felt warm, comfortable and breathable.

I will be using my new paddle vest in conjunction with the long pants for all my future distant paddles and downwind sessions. I can only imaging on those brisk cold morning paddles to may be throw over a quick dry, or use my Vaikobi Base layer, or if its really cold switch to the VCOLD Long Sleeved top (heavy duty).

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