What to buy and what to avoid

Aug 15 2016 Tags: Buying, Newbie

This is a great read for any newbie.

Choosing your 1st board can be a nightmare?
Most people start out on their quest to buy based on price. Seeing a 'cheap deal', or a 'special offer' seams right at the time, but normally you find the person selling is 'keen to sell' and your very keen too score a great deal at the time, and a whole heap of important questions get missed. This is where the problems begin...
It's not until then you get home, get the board out on the water and then realize it too small to stand on and paddle boarding seams allot harder than you originally though?
The end result is it gets put in the garage and never used again.

Our recommendation starts with, go see your local shop and ask for some advise:
Do not buy the 1st deal you come across, or one that 'seams too good to be true'. There is normally a catch.......

Note: The cheap heavy Alloy paddle below?

Cheap Paddle Board Deal

Remember: Stick with the 'branded boards', i.e a major brand that 'all the other' shops stock too (they would have done their research also into good reliable brands to sell prior to you even starting out).
With a little internet research this can also unveil big  international brands which the shops stock? Good Brands most lightly.....


TIP:Grab a Mag? Most of the major brands advertise there in the first few pages?
simple eh...

SUPWorld Mag Collection

If buying new is out of the question, then stick with the same big brands and buy 2nd hand, most shops again can assist with this as they may have 2nd hand or ex-demos to go.
Always try and buy a board that has been well looked after and has no or very minor damage and most of all, by staying with the big brands, you know, they have spent a gazillion dollars on shaping the boards so the board does what its designed too most effectively, the construction is well proven within the market place, and of course, they will be around for years to come, adding great resale value to your board.

Stay away from boards that are unbranded (cheap Chinese copies), brands that seam little known about them or that no one else stocks.
These are what we class as 'here today and gone tomorrow brands', that offer a warranty as long as they last or stay in business, which is normally a few months or a season at most.

Never pre-order without trying first, regardless of price. This is the biggest con ever!
Be warned, if your unsure, pickup the phone and drop us a line.

Its what we are here for.........

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