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SUPSHED Product Auctions - SAVE$$$

Supshed Product Auctions

This is the place to score a deal and walk away with a great product at a price never seen before. Simply create an account and pay the Auction joining fee and then you're in to bid. The winner when the auction closes walks away with a hugely discounted product for a fraction of the RRP price.

The winner will then have a short time to complete their purchase, after which, the next lowest bidder will get the chance to secure the sale at their bid price instead, game on!

Each auction has a time out of 2 mins from last bid before closing.
To bid, you must register and pay the auction joining fee, the small fee you pay, will out weight the price you finally pay so consider it a small saving in grace to get you on the bidding table.
To win, you need to be the highest bidder and of course be quick (if you snooze, you lose, its as easy as that).
If the product gets sold in store, then the auction automatically closes with no winners.

If you require your winning product sent to you, then you will need to contact us for a separate freight quote, this will be an extra charge not accounted for in the auction process.

Follow the onscreen instructions, bid and win, its that simple...

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