Foil Surf / SUP

Try the latest craze to hit the planet, foiling.

Whether its on a SUP, with a Kite or surf board or even a windsurfer, this new addition to your gear brings a whole new level of learning and adds a new dimension to getting out there.

Warning..... this is highly addictive !!!

Let us know your requirements and we can assist with lesson off the back of the ski to help get you going and tips and tricks for use in the surf.

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J Shapes 135 Tow Foil Board Complete

Foil Surf / SUP
$3,400.00 NZD

J Shapes Cruzer Foil

Foil Surf / SUP
From $1,000.00 NZD
Sold Out

Kai Go Foil

Foil Surf / SUP
$2,699.00 NZD

Maliko Go Foil

Foil Surf / SUP
$2,899.00 NZD

Naish Thrust Surf Foil Set

Foil Surf / SUP
$1,695.00 NZD