Demo Gear

Here at SUPSHED we have a very extensive range of boards on demo for you to try.
We aim to let you 'try before you buy' to ensure what your buying is right for you and suits your needs.
This is a great way to compare brands and quickly work out their differences.
Remember, buying a well known and established branded board will hold its money for longer, its construction will be the latest technology and rest assured it has been shaped by a world class shaper who has been in the industry for many many years.
.... need we say more?
Here is a list of what is currently available, it does change by the day, but will give you some idea of what we have:
Paddle Boards:
Gulliver Gambler 7'3
Gulliver VBox 7'6, 7'9 & 8'1
Laird Surrator 8'10
Laird Surfer 9'0
Naish Hokua 9'1
Naish Mad Dog 8'1
Naish Nalu 10'6
Naish Nalu 11'0
Naish Odysseus 9'8
Naish Odysseus 11'2
Naish Quest S 10'8
Ocean & Earth Squeeze 10'2
NSP Allround ST 8'0
NSP DC Surf X 10'0
NSP Allround 10'6
NSP Allround 10'0
NSP DC Sonic 14 x 24 (2018 model)
Starboard Allstar  14 x 27
Starboard Allstar 14 x 24.5
Starboard Allstar 12'6 x 24.5
Starboard Ace 14 x 25
Starboard Ace 12'6 x 25
Starboard Atlas 12'0
Starboard Blend 11'2
Starboard Whopper 10'0
Starboard Pro 8'5
Starboard Foil (not for beginners)
AXIS 10'6
TORQ 7'6 Mini Mal
O & E EZI Rider 8 ft Soft Top
O & E EZI Rider 6 ft Soft Top
O & E EZI Rider 5'6 ft Soft Top
So whats next? Give us a call and book in, most boards are available daily.

(09) 426 7873

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