Event - Supshed Spring Series Race Rules

Supshed Spring Series
presented by Starboard


SUPSHED and Starboard want all competitors in the Supshed Spring Series to have an enjoyable season of racing. Our number one priority is your safety on the water.
With this in mind:

All competitors must wear a PFD
All paddlers must wear a safety leash
All paddlers must wear official race number and high vis item of clothing
    The safety briefing will cover the course, local weather patterns, tide times, wind direction and the likely effects on paddlers
    The safety briefing will cover how to raise assistance in an emergency, safe launching and exiting from the water, and safe beaching of SUP boards
    Paddlers are to run with their paddle across finish line and call out race number to the finish line officials if requested.
    All paddlers must be fit and competent to complete the course - all paddlers to sign a medical waiver and note any medical conditions on form at race checkin for lifeguards. • Stand Up Paddlers are required to alter their course in order to stay behind any other vessel (boat) crossing the course.
    ALL Mens and Womens SUP Board classes are 14’ or Under, with exception for the U17 Juniors in the 1km Social Splash, where board class is 12’6 and Under.
    SUP/Prone Paddle Starts will be Beach Starts, paddlers must form a line between the flags, and align body with the flags. Paddlers start on the sound of a horn. • Surfski starts will be standing next to craft in water, two feet on the ground.
    False Starts - in the event of a false start, on hearing a second start horn all competitors must return to the start line.
    A competitor will be disqualified if they round a buoy or gate in the wrong direction
    Stand up paddle boards shall be propelled only by means of human-powered, single-bladed paddles.
    Any competitor that displays unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after an event may be disqualified. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes: (a) excessive physical harm using any part of the body, paddle or board; (b) using the board, paddle or body in order to block a competitor from forward progress, turning, drafting, starting or finishing; (c) yelling at the start in order to create a false start; (d) purposely impeding the ability of a competitor to paddle, turn, dismount, start, finish or run.
    A paddler can be pulled from the race at any time at the discretion of the Race Director, safety officer or other race officials.
    The Race Director shall decide all matters pertaining the competition and The Race Director’s decision on the day is final.


    A paddler who is distressed should wave their hands or paddle in a back-and-forth motion above their heads
    Competitors who see another paddler in distress should assist the paddler and help to gain the attention of the closest safety personnel.
    There will be rescue craft/boats on hand out in the water while the event runs.
    (a). The boats will be in VHF communication with an onshore race director
    (b). The driver and assistant on the safety vessels are certified in First Aid and experienced in marine rescue
    (c). All craft have lifejackets, first aid equipment, cell phone in a waterproof case, and emergency flare onboard
    All starters and finishers will be counted
    System for reporting withdrawal from the race (DNF) – if you withdraw from the race you must immediately report to nearest Event Official or Water Safety to notify withdrawal. Event Official will communicate withdrawal by text message/VHF to the race director.
    The Cut off time is 2 hours from the start time. Extreme weather conditions such as high wind and/or rain that jeopardise the safety of paddlers may lead to cancellation/postponement of the event.
    Event organisers will endeavour to inform all entrants of this by email or phone, before or on the day at the event if adverse weather conditions arrive close to the expected start time.
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