Mistakes When Buying

Do not make the same mistakes as others and get caught out!

Checkout our buying advice:

  1. Do not buy a Paddle Board without getting any advice prior. Call us, we can help.
  2. Stay away from cheap un-branded boards, they are cheap for a reason and most will not come with any form of warranty and lack a suitable shape suitable for purpose.
  3. Do not buy what you think is a bargain online without doing some research first. The product may not be suitable in one of many ways. Call us, we can help.
  4. Do not disclose how much your prepared to spend as normally when this happens, required features you have asked for get compromised.
  5. If your unsure your getting the right product to suit your needs, ask to test it first?
  6.  Try and stay with the big brands, they have been around for years, and will be for many more. Their shapes and constructions have been proven over the years and more often or not you will find they are not that much more expensive
  7. The big brands will also hold their price better in a 2nd hand market place too.

Feel we have missed anything? Just let us know :-)